Web & Digital Solutions.

Website Design & Development

Our in-house capability allows us to build and work on websites of all sizes, from small business to enterprise level functionality. Websites are very fluid documents and involve many considerations. We have a structured plan and process to ensure your site is built to the best practices and quality design.

Information Architecture

Businesses, brands and systems have a prioritised structure and flow. You always want to help a user get to where they are going. Your information needs to carry a hierarchy that aligns to your business. How is your information categorized? How is your information represented? How do users search and move through your information?

Setting context, structuring content and making sure it aligns with your goals and target audience sets the scene for good user experience.

User Experience and Interface Design

Help your client get what they want following the path of least resistance. Any brand experience – be it digital or print based – should have the end user in mind. Design should consider the customer’s journey through your process. You can then lead them to where you want them to go by designing this pathway. Good information architecture and analytics can influence the design of these pathways. A good user interface design turns functionality into engagement.

User experience also considers how a user feels when taking the journey through your brand. Great graphics and considered planning go hand in hand to creating a feel good experience.

Sitemapping and Wireframes

Similar to building a house with many rooms and features, an architect will draw out plans to overview any work that is to be done. Creating sitemaps and wireframes are the next step in visually representing the user experience. This includes structure, pages, and content allocation. Once a sitemap is done, we have the framework to begin design through the wire framing of key pages. With the user in mind, the information contained in the sitemap can then be arranged to allocate digital real estate in a wireframe.

Mobile Responsive Design

According to statistics, the use of mobile and modern devices for a web browsing experience is on the increase. All of our sites are compatible for mobile and modern devices. Design must be flexible and information should cascade nicely – regardless of the device. As real estate can vary depending on device, good information hierarchy is important to make sure you get your message across early.

We also specialise in converting older non-responsive websites into mobile and device- friendly experiences.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a process to help reduce design and development time with projects that are outside of the box or require proving a concept’s viability. Depending on the job and the experience you want from your website, this is a great tool to help you quickly visualise and give fast feedback before the end solution is developed. A rapid prototype is like an interactive wireframe that has key or major components that can highlight any usability issues.

CMS Platform Selection

We work with WordPress, Drupal, Adobe Business Catalyst, Joomla and shopify – along with a few other CMS platforms. We listen to what you need and we look to tailor the most appropriate platform for deployment.


If your business needs to make transactions online – whether it be selling one or thousands of products, we can build a tailored e-commerce solution for you.

Custom Database Development

The need for cloud-based systems with public website access that manages private data is growing higher and higher. If your business is using too many systems with little integration, we can custom build a system for you.

Mobile and Emerging Technologies

The need for communicating is constantly changing. A website is no longer the domain of your desktop computer: it has moved to smart phones, watches, fridges, digital billboards and so on. Depending on your client base, we can help you keep up with the latest trends.

Managed Hosting and Domain Management

As a value add service we can manage the hosting and domain services for our sites. We do prefer to host sites that we build – that way we understand the technical requirements, the limitations and can quickly manage any updates or issues that may happen. If you want a hosting only solution, there are many offerings out there.

Website Maintenance and Support

Every website will require maintenance at some stage, whether it is content or technically based. With the ever-changing nature of the web, new technologies and security measures are constantly being updated and developed.

We offer support on various levels, from complimentary phone support and general advice up to service agreements to lock in regular checks and updates.

Technology and Website Training

Not all sites come with an instruction manual. Your site will have some degree of custom content or features included in the build. Depending on the scale of the site, we can train you and your staff to help you make the necessary changes along the way.

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