SEO & Digital Marketing.


When looking to give your business and  marketing a push, a analytical review of the dashboard and scoreboard can be a great guide to your clients’ behaviours. At the beginning we review the current status and what is working and what is not. A plan is then crafted to create a marketing push.

Analytics is also a great tool when rebuilding a website. It shows customer behaviours and the direction of onsite traffic. Design can then be tailored to give more prominence to the areas you want to push, or to highlight high performing areas with good use of graphics.

SEO Audit

We review the current status, and look at elements that may be holding your site back from a high ranking. We perform a full analysis on your site and provide recommendations to get you started.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A conversion is when a customer takes the action that you want them to take on your website. Good SEO will drive traffic to your website. Good CRO will transform them in to a customer. The higher the conversion rate, the higher the revenue or engagement.


Once a client visits your site, remarketing lets you follow your customers around the web. It keeps your brand visible and at the top of your customers’ minds throughout their internet journey. You only pay if a user clicks on your ad. We strive to design banners for maximum effectiveness.

Keyword Research

Good keyword research is about finding the keywords and terms that a prospective client will use to get to you. This research is then built into the foundations of your SEO success.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is like a tap. As soon as you set a budget and a plan, you can instantly appear in Google’s network. You only pay if an ad is clicked. Once a budget is reached, your ads will stop showing. This is separate to your “organic” search rankings – only good SEO practices will get you to the top there.

Social Media Campaign

Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram and pinterest – and many more social platforms – provide your chance to get under people’s noses with immediate effect. However, a plan and good content will always be the key with any marketing channel.

Email Marketing

When tied into a good marketing plan, electronic direct mail is an effective tool to increase sales and brand awareness. The results can be measured very quickly. This is a cost-effective way to drive customer engagement.