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St Vincent’s Health Australia

Working closely with the team at Sodia, we were invited to assist them with developing a visual language for SVHA’s future vision strategy. As a result of this work, SVHA reported a high degree of stakeholder engagement both internally and externally.

Following the success of the visual language created for this strategy, we were invited to design and produce SVHA’s 2015 Annual Report, which was awarded a BRONZE award in the 2016 Australasian Reporting Awards. This report has also been submitted to the 2016 AGDA Design Awards.

As a further result, the various SVHA stakeholders pushed to adopt this newly developed look and feel at an organisational level. In order to adopt this new style, we were further commissioned to assist in the design and compilation of an extensive corporate style guide and rollout of other collateral items.

We are excited and proud to be associated with both Sodia and St Vincent’s Health Australia.

SVHA Annual Report
SVHA Annual report
SVHA Annual report
SVHA annual report
SVHA Annual report
SVHA brand collateral
SVHA Pullup banners
SVHA poster


  • Concept Development & Creative Direction (partnered with Sodia)
  • Production Management
  • Graphic Design and Printing


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SVHA Style guide
SVHA Screen saver