About Us.

Every brand has a story.

Every brand needs a backstory and ours begins in 2005…

Company director Tom Fauvette started fauvdesign in 2005 as a sole trader. By nurturing the company, expanding its scope, assembling a larger team of experts and showing each and every client the utmost focus and attention, Tom has grown the business into the award winning full-service creative design agency it is today. As the company’s capabilities and scope grew, along with its list of clients, fauvdesign, as it stood, needed to start its next chapter and better communicate its core business strengths. A rebrand was, therefore, in order.

BIRD&BEAST was born.


Casual staff banter about the meaning of our names revealed that ‘Fauvette’, in French, means ‘little bird’ and ‘les fauves’ translates to ‘the beasts’. This gained some traction as a story. Its obvious analogies parallel our vision, and our approach to business development, our clientele and our work.

The bird is small, creative, elegant, responsive and agile.

The beast is large, solid, strong, reliable and powerful.

Within the natural world, there are instances where a bird can take host with a beast and form a symbiotic relationship. The bird alerts the beast to danger and assists with the beast’s appearance. Conversely, the beast offers protection and safety for the bird. Together they form a great partnership.

In the professional world, there is a symbiotic relationship between business thinking and smart design. We want to partner with you to help build your business using your visions and your plans for future success. We do this by understanding how your business works, identifying your strengths and formulating the best way to promote your business, brand, products and services. We then design innovative tailored solutions that help you boost your end profit and generate successful results.